Murrawarra Arts plays host to an aboriginal artist who has developed his own style of commercial aboriginal art which is strongly influenced by his love and passion for art and his cultural heritage. He is very passionate about his aboriginality and is always seeking to learn more.

He uses his art to advocate various cultural and social issues within his own community and the wider Australian community. Bunying Arts wishes to use his art to promote these issues while giving people a taste of his culture in the process.

Why Murrawarra Arts? Murrawarra is a Wiradjuri word meaning to stand one’s ground. This is significant to the artist and has been chosen because he always has a hidden theme behind the meanings of his paintings to represent the continuing need to stand one’s gound to ensure the living, breathing continuation of Aboriginal art and culture.

He believes his art is breathing life back into his culture and ensuring his culture is passed on to others as it has to him.

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